Cascade VFX Tutorial – Lesson 3B

In today’s VFX lesson we will continue to expand upon the building block material techniques I showed in the previous lesson by bundling up our Near Camera Depth Fade logic into a material function.

Together, we will go step by step through the process of creating a new function and show you how to add it to your projects library. Here at Epic we jump at any opportunity we get to create a global set of controls, which can be easily modified and updated throughout the entire project. This tutorial will set up our next lesson where we’ll show you how to control your material functions using Dynamic Parameters. It is my hope that through these lessons you can see some of our techniques for creating easily scalable content in UE4!

Be sure to check out the full tutorial over on our Wiki. Once you’ve dug in, find me over on Twitter at @MrElek or post your questions here where I’ll be happy to help you guys out with any questions you might have!