Cascade Particle GUI Question

Does anyone know the purpose of the middle toggle box of an Emitter in the Cascade Interface?

It toggles between

  • Bowling Pins
  • Single Dot
  • Cross Hairs
  • Light Bulb
  • Cross Out

Surely there must be documentation to describe these states?


It’s just for visual assistance. Leave it at default state when you are done with your particles.

I actually discovered what these do.
Not too sure how useful they are but here goes.

When an emitter is first created and before you assign a “TypeData” to it, you can control how the particles are visually rendered.
There are five render modes:

  • ERM_Normal – As the intended Sprite/Mesh
  • ERM_Point – As a 2x2 pixel block with no scaling and color set to EmitterEditorColor
  • ERM_Cross – as a cross of lines scaled to the size of the particle in EmitterEditorColor
  • Lights Only - Only effective if Emitters has a light module?
  • ERM_None – Do not render

Not terribly useful - maybe later :slight_smile: - But good to know.

They arent meant to be used all the time, but it can be helpful if, lets say, the size or the opacity of the particles makes it difficult for you to see how little amounts of velocity change affects the whole system when you set velocity/life, etc.

Those are for debugging and can also be used for quickly building systems as you see the motion clearer.
As you said they are all for certain conditions to help you understand what you see or focus on motion etc.