[Cascade] Particle Duration suggestion.

I know niagara is on the horizon, and I am awaiting it eagerly and with loads of anticipation… but currently still using cascade. (I will miss cascade like a friend once I move to Niagara)
And after many many years of using it I still have a few pet peeve’s.

One of them is the emitter duration.
For particles with a lot going on (Event generators for instance, or particles that last a long time and spawn more particles after delays and what not that need tweaking as development goes on) having to set this correctly constantly can be a pain in the a… ssistant her b…
So I would like to suggest two additional options there.
Option 1: “Set duration to longest particle lifetime”
Option 2: “Set duration of longest combined lifetime” (Lifetime of particles using i.e. – Multiple – event generators)

This would make my life so much easier.
That… and screen-space gpu particles so they stay where they are spawned even if the camera moves around. But thats for another time and place…
well… probably the same place.


+10000000000000000 for better particle lifetime duration management. Sweet jesus.