Cascade, Modifying Sprite Pivot Points

I hadn’t found a forum for Cascade yet :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if there is a way to modify the pivot points for Sprites in Cascade. Rotation always occurs from the center, but I need to have some effects rotate from the bottom middle.

I really don’t want to move my sprite to the center and lose the lower half resolution area.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Create a plane geometry, Move the pivot. Thats the best i can think of right now as i don’t remember having a way to move pivot only.

Thanks or the suggestion. I was wanting to avoid the extra draw calls made for each mesh instance if possible.

Nice work by the way, I checked out your site :wink:

Thank you very much. Unfortunately, There is no other way as far as i’m aware.

Hi Devero,

You can add a “Pivot Offset” module, which can be found in the ‘Location’ menu. With this module, you can change the pivot using much like modifying UV coordinates. So 0,0 would be the top-left, 1,1 would be the bottom right, and so on.

Awesome thanks! I will check this out!

Welcome aboard Bill, Nice to have you in Epic :wink: