Cascade LOD, shared nodes cant be LOD-ed

Not sure if its version specific, or just something that cant be done in general… but I consider it a bug nontheless.
If I have shared nodes in cascade (shift > drag) I am unable to set lod settings for them, since the rightclick > duplicate/share from higher is not available.

What more do I need to say?

Oh, interesting update.
If the LOD’s are made before a node is shared, I can alter them.
If the LOD’s are made AFTER a node is shared, I cannot alter them.
so yea, its def. a bug!

ok, I recorded a video… because its a bit more convoluted than I innitially thought.

^also easy to replicate.

Hi Luos -

I have reported the issue as UE-23904. I know this particular issue has been around for a while and you have discovered the workaround, but I will keep you informed as we investigate a solution.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum