[Cascade Feature Request] New Distribution Types

Hello folks!

I was playing around with the orbit module in cascade and was trying to get my particles to rotate around the X axis only, which was easy enough to accomplish.
The issue I found, was that I wanted them to either move clockwise at .8 rotation rate, OR anti-clockwise at -.8 rotation rate.
I understand that it is easy enough to just duplicate the emmiter and change that value, and halve the spawn of each emmiter and have what I want.
But it did spark the question as to why there isn’t a x,y,z, OR x,y,z distribution type.
Like in my case, I wanted the particles to move exactly at .8 rotation (clockwise), OR, exactly at -.8 rotation (anti-clockwise).
Using DistributionVectorUniform would only allow me to set it at values BETWEEN .8 and -.8, which would result in the majority of the particles being much slower.

So basically I’m asking for a few new types of distribution, that would allow me to have fewer emmiters, and result in cleaner particle systems, but would also lend you that much more fine tuned control.

Orbit Rotation Rate Ammount
Constant - Add Constant Element+
Element 1 [x .8 ; y 0.0 ; z 0.0]
Element Strength .5]

Element 2 [x -.8 ; y 0.0 ; z 0.0]
Element Strength .5]

So here half the particles spawned would have a rotation rate of .8, and the other half -.8

You could also go further and do uniform as well

Orbit Rotation Rate Ammount
Uniform - Add Uniform Element+
Element 1 [x .8 ; y 0.0 ; z 0.0]
[x .6 ; y 0.0 ; z 0.0]
Element Strength .5]

Element 2 [x -.8 ; y 0.0 ; z 0.0]
[x -.6 ; y 0.0 ; z 0.0]
Element Strength .5]

So that half the particles spawned have a rotation rate between .8 and .6, and the other half between -.8 and -.6

I truly get how easy it is to just duplicate emmiters and change that value to the opposite, but OR distributions seemed like something that should exist to me.
It just seems more intuitive to be able to just have one emmiter spawning particles, and you can tell some of them to be one color, and the rest to be another color.
Or some to have [x .0 ; y 0.8 ; z 0.8] velocity and others [x .0 ; y -.8 ; z .8]

Thanks for reading!