Cascade Curve Editor Features

Hi there,
coming from unity i find the cascade curve editor quite confusing sometimes. I am struggling with one problem in particular, i hope someone can help me out with.

Selecting multiple points of different curves at the same time and moving them all together. I know how to select mutliple points, but if i want to change values of various points of my X and Y (and Z) curve at the same time, which is what you usually wanna do (,right?), i can always only move points of one curve. Why?! Did i miss something or is it intended?
This costs so much time…

Also, why can i not enter a value or time for multiple selected points directly in the curve editor? I always need to enter every single value by hand.

In my opinion the usability of the curve editor could use some imporvements, but i am probably using it the wrong way? If so, i hope someone can help me out.


I just had the same questions. Multiple points can be selected by holding Ctrl + Alt and dragging a selection box. To then move all the selected points you have to hold Ctrl down and and drag with the mouse whilst not clicking on any of the points. No idea about entering a value for multiple points tho.

[edit] Turns out this just works if the points arent overlapping each other…

[edit2] Overlapping points can be selected and then be moved along the Y axis by holding Ctrl + Shift while dragging. No idea about X axis tho.

Thanks for your answer… yeah, unfortunately x axis is the important one :stuck_out_tongue: