Cascade 2.0: To have a tilt parameter for particles


After many tests, and although I am quite new with Cascade, I faced a case I couldn’t implement easily (or at all?).
Indeed I try to make a “birds cloud”, in other words a group of birds that would be seen from quite near, and to make them look natural requires they are always aligned onto their trajectory and they tilt on every bends. I asked for help and ideas on the forum but at the end, well, I didn’t manage to get a satisfying result.
Here is the initial thread:

My wish is that Niagara offers an easy to access “Align to Velocity Vector” parameter as well as a “Tilt Factor” so that the particles would seem to be aligned with their trajectory. This is quite similar to some of the Path Follow of 3dsMax and would be so helpful for birds, bats, planes, mosquitos…

Here is what a particle should do:

Thank you for your understanding for this need,

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As Niagara is on its way, would it be possible to have a thought about this feature please?
That would be really helpful.

Thanks a lot

We’re trying to keep things flexible enough to do things just like this; I’m pretty sure this will be relatively easily possible.

Required - Screen Alignment: PSA Velocity