Casa Brutale ArchViz, VR

Hello, friends! Please, check my experiment with VR for OPA (Open Platform for Architecture)

Desktop and VR versions you can download here

Pretty cool! Just my opinion but the butterflies and little specs floating around are distracting, not sure I like all the caustics either in the living space but I get why you did it.

Thank you for appreciating! I thought about this) I watched a lot of archvizes and noticed that many of them looks like a vacuum rooms. The main idea was to liven it up, but maybe I overdid.
About caustics: swimming pool needs something like jalousie at the floor)

Looks really nice!

I would suggest to roughen up your wall edges and the edges on the bathtub a bit though. It’s too perfect, which yells “cgi”.

Yeah, it’s a challenge to make spaces look exciting without being cheesy. I always say just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. :smiley: What makes good Archviz are the same things that make good Architectural photography.

Thanks for an advice! I used some decals for it on the ground but did’t use it inside