Cary, NC office tours?

Just curious if Epic allows or sets up tours of their Cary office?

I’m only an hour or so away and would love the opportunity to check out their facility.

Anyone know if this is an available option?

I have some sad news for you. There’s not any official tour program and the building is not open to the public. They don’t even have signs on the building. If you didn’t know which building it was, you would just drive right by it.

There is a tour - in a sense. If they invite you to Cary on business or to be part of the Twitch stream - they’ll take you around and show you the building, the awards, where different teams sit, the rock climbing wall, the slide, all the swag from various games, etc. But it’s not something that’s available to the public. It’s more of a courtesy to people who are already there for another reason. If you show up on site uninvited, the best you can hope for is being politely asked to leave.

Ah gotcha!

Well thanks for the information Jeff, I guess the only logical next step is for me to quit my job and learn UE4 fulltime so I have a chance at being invited.


Official statement from the FAQ: :slight_smile:

Does Epic offer studio tours?
We do not offer studio tours at any of our locations. While we would love to give you the full Epic experience, we find that tours are disruptive to our employees, who are hard at work on the next big project.

As always, thanks Fighter.