Cartoony FPS - Looking for 3D artists - Character/Props

Hello fellow Unreal users,

We are currently making a game called Feast Of Goblins. It is a silly FPS with arcade gameplay along the lines of the Borderlands Saga and cartoony visual style like Rareware games like Viva Pinata or Conker where the player travels from island to island, discovering the areas and hunting animals made out of chocolate, then trade the chocolate for weapon modifications.

The game is currently near the end of its Alpha stage and in dire need of visual assets.

Reasons to play

Weapon customization : All the weapons in the game are designed to be highly modifiable.

Replayability : The game has been designed with replayability in mind from the very beginning. Each time you start a level, enemies and loot on the map will change depending on your overall progress.

Gameplay variety : You can play the game pacifist or just kill everything using the tons of weapons.

We are looking for 3D artists :

Character artist : You have to be able to create low-poly models using concept art, hand-draw diffuse maps and bake normal maps. Animation or rigging skills not necessary but appreciated.


Props artist : You have to be able to create low-poly models using concept and be able to come up with some on your own following the visual style of the project. You have to be able to hand-draw diffuse maps and bake normal maps.


The positions are volunteer positions for the moment and the plan is to have enough 3D assets to start building promotional videos for a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign will then hopefully pay for future art. However, I CANNOT guarantee the success of the campaign so you should consider this project as hobby or resume builder for the moment.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or would like more information, feel free to comment here, send me a private message or send me an e-mail at