Cartoonish outline?


Can the Unreal Engine 4 use Outlining of edges to outline the games appearance?

If i remember i think its called Cell shading?

Please use Google the next time.
There are tons of tutorials out there who already explained it.

Here is one from Dean Ashford:

There are a couple different methods that produce good results, but take some work to set up. It will also take some practice on making stylized assets. Usually colorful, flat, fully rough materials look best. Try to avoid noisy normal maps.

I usually use this method:…hading-in-ue4/

This method also works nicely, and I used a similar system on my GameJam project:…ts-and-skybox=

You can see an example of how it looks here: . You can see I used a noisy normal map on the terrain and it looks terrible. Other than that I was pretty pleased with the result.