Cartoon RTS Foliage Pack

The Cartoon RTS foliage pack is an ensemble of 54 assets dedicated to the creation of a low poly cartoon forest, perfect for creating RTS (Inspired by aoe series)

I now have a lot of new meshes and textures in my scene, including
12 Differents materials for terrains

Here is the most recent screenshots i made and a video bonus showing the tree cutting process :wink:

and here is the video

I started greatly improving my package by including these features :
-Dynamic lighting with LPV (nice effects with global illumination)
-Moving Clouds shadow
-CHanging Time of days
-Way to cuts trees
-Vertex Color for animation (trees moving)
-Lods for optimisation

The project is still in heavy developpement, you can expect :

  • animals moving in the scenes :slight_smile:
  • Improved blueprints with hue color ajustements,random trees placements, scaling, etc
  • Landscape painting directly place the corresponding meshes
  • New meshes (pickables ressources)
    -Effects Sounds

Please give me feedbacks and don’t forget to follow closly this project( i’m counting on you, give me a lot of feedbacks )

This pack is the first in a series of packages dedicated to the creation of Cartoon RTS environment (euroipean forest, savannah,arabia,…) Stay Tuned ! Don’t hesitate to give me your comments suggestion for improving my packages or for the future addition !

-Cartoon RTS Animated Animals (WIP)

nice job!
before making many different vegetation packs, you could make a building pack too (European, Arabia), it would be more useful, e.g. I’m not sure a jungle or savannah RTS is planned by anyone, rather a warmer European one (not pine trees only), or an icy-snowy environment…
and if you really target RTS, you should add resources like stone, gold, and wheat or something to harvest, and larger rocks to cover steep landscape slopes.
just ideas…

Looks really good!

Looks cool, gg :wink:

Perhaps the margueritte flower (the white one) need more work on the alpha?.. the border of each leaf is blacky (or is it wanted?) :wink:

Thanks you all guys, I have a lot to improve for this pack and all your feedback make me very excited to show you what i have been working on lately. Thanks For your idea Sivan, ressources is something a lot of peoople have asked me to create, so it may be the next thing i will add (after improving visually some of the asset already in this pack).
Yeah Macoll the blackborder was something i wanted, maybe i will reduce the effect to fit more the style and the other flowers.

Started improving my pack to have a more complete scene, here is a scene, with landscape terrain, water, Gi illumination, animated tree (you can’t see that now :p)

Very nice pack :). Can you try adding the below network to your water?

Credits to @Jess.Hider :slight_smile:

Make sure to set blend mode to Translucent


Thanks @ryanjon2040 :smiley:

Hey man, sorry for the late update, but i’m not using deph fade and fresnel to get my foamy water border, actually it’s animated with very simplistic waves (may changes in the features to get a more natural look).

Anyway i improved my pack : you can look in my first post to see everything that changed :

The famous cutting tree vid :

Started adding more details + first animal iteration :
Feel Free to comments and crits :slight_smile:

Added a easy way to create cavern, and added point of interest like this monolith (get the reference :p)

Still working on my rts project : Added a lot of new elements, i’m near submission again ! :wink: Feel Free to give me as many feedback as possible !

Watch how i’m easily planting all these blueprints trees :

You can follow my progress on my facebook page here :