Cartoon Race Car 12

Hello, I’m Barbulescu

I want to build 12 cartoon cars maybe I can test the cars with the new blueprint that’s announced to come
But I’m making the cars for different reason, And I want to share the result here too.
Maybe if the marketplace will launch soon, I’ll sell the cars there

The current cars have polycount view for each and olso a UV Display.
You must load the cars 360view by clicking on the cars and UV Display By clicking on UV icon.
Each car display has around 2.5mb

**CRC12 - Cartoon Race Cars 12
Added 2 Bonus cars


  1. Lambordrini Callardo
  2. Fort Mustarg GT5000
  3. Judge Challanger
  4. Judge Tram
  5. Fort GT41
  6. Chevronet Gamaro
  7. Porche 912
  8. Tugatii Veyrol
  9. Lambordrini Riverinton
  10. McFlaren F1 LN
  11. Judge Viper
  12. Hammer
  13. Ferrari458
  14. CitrogenGT**

For a full 360 View you can check it out at this link : - Click on the cars for a 360degree view.

These are really lovely! I would love to see a Mario kart style race game made with these! Well done

I love the names! :smiley: And the models look beautiful too. :slight_smile:

loving the look of the art style you’ve picked, cant wait to see more:)

I like the style :wink:

Thank you for the kind feedback,
The names are modified so that there will be no copyright problems

And I would like to make a game, but I lack at programing even with matinee :slight_smile:

It isn’t that simple when it comes to car ip infringement in games. The models are still very recognizable, and so are the names. Car manufacturers are very adamant about protecting their trademarks. Even if you release this for free, you will still be at risk of legal action. I would suggest making the car models less recognizable and changing the names.

I am loving the vehicles art style.

As for my research from what I read, this is not illegal. There are tons of models on 3D model selling sites that have 3D model cars looking/named as the Trademark Cars.
I never heard of legal action releasing something for free. I want to say that you may be overreacting. The least I should get is a DMCA Takedown Notice if that will be the case

Regarding the copyright, I don’t think there will be an issue at all. Firstly, they are not exact replicas of the real vehicles and secondly, it’s not like you’re producing actual cars and selling them (real as in people drive them in the real world). I really couldn’t see an issue with these - but who knows.

Apparently you didn’t research it
thoroughly. Just because there are some models on 3d site up for sale doesn’t mean its legal. Car manufacturers have had plenty of them removed once it has come to their attention. The internet is a big place, that doesn’t mean time wouldn’t be ticking against you. Both Porsche and Ferrari have done down hard on free mods in the past. Porsche shutting down an rfactor mod, and Ferrari shutting down a browser racer named batracer. Both free. With the names you’ve chosen and the same models, they will be able to prove similarity to their product easily. The reasoning behind this isn’t just protection of their trademark, they are also protective over how their cars are portrayed in games. (How it handles, speed, wrecks, etc.). Save yourself the trouble and just make your own. You can get away with merging two cars together like some games who don’t want to pay licensing fees.

To stop your commenting about the trademark infringement, I just want to say I’m not making a game with the cars, not right now.
My plan was to look like the real cars, I don’t want to change them
Olso if the models on 3d model sites like and so on were to be illegal like you say, the sites that are individual companies can be sued by the car makers for copyright and trademark infringement. And I don’t think they will want to be sued, and they have lawyers behind that can advice to not allow selling of that type of model.

This is not the case they still have car model on sale.

As for now on let’s refrain on commenting about this, Here’s not the place, I just wanted to show my work and if that will be the case to receive a notice from any car maker I’ll comply with the request if that happens.

2 new cars added :
09. Lambordrini Riverinton
10. McFlaren F1 LN

I have the model done for 11 and 12 but I still have to UV map and texture them

These are adorable XD

Thank you, since it’s late and I have the last cars almost finished, I’ll announce them.

  1. Judge Viper
  2. Hammer

If it possible to buy them before? What will be the price for non-exclusive rights (as on any marketplace)?

I’m still working on them, and I didn’t think of a way to market them or a price for them. Still thinking if I should sell them or not

Last 2 cars done.

  1. Judge Viper
  2. Hammer

The pack is almost finished, I’m still working on mobile versions, but if anyone wants to buy it, can contact me at the price is 50euros, I can sell it as it is, and in a week or 2 when the mobile versions are done, I’ll email with the updated versions.

The pack is done for anyone interested to buy it contact me at direct buying price is 50euros, When the Market will be release the price will be 60euro
I accept digital currency too