Cartier Wrist Watch Model, PhotoRealistic rendering in UE4

This is a personal project, pushing myself in the rendering features of UE4. I lιve near Geneva for the past year and I got an interest in the amazing watches produced around here.
The model was made in MAYA and except from the gears I would say its of medium to low poly count
Textured in Substance Painter with the help of Substance Designer for the leather strap
In UE4 the model is lit by an HDRI on a skylight and a plane with an emmisive material to add on the soft baked shadows
For the reflections I relied on a Planar Reflection to get more defined reflection under the watch and a Sphere Reflection just behind the watch with the same HDRI that was used for lighting to introduce some details on the reflections at the back of the case. Screen Space Reflections did the rest of the job pushed at Quality 4.

Here you can check on the Video:

Always welcome to comment :slight_smile: