Cart gets destroyed when it comes out of stasis

Mod here:

Carts are getting destroyed when they come out of stasis, and I can’t figure out why. Originally I had ‘Prevent Stasis’ true and ‘Auto Stasis’ to false, and player’s said the cart was gone when reloading a game. I tried turning ‘prevent stasis’ off, and ‘auto stasis’ back on, the default values, and when I play in editor, I leave the area, the cart goes into stasis, I come back and the cart comes out of stasis and gets destroyed. So even though originally I have it set to prevent stasis, it must go into stasis anyone when the game exits and when it reloads, comes out of stasis and gets destroyed. Anyone know why, and how I can fix this?

Here is where I’m at, maybe someone can help.

I have a problem where the cart disappears after reloading the game, the chests or structures placed on them are still there, the cart is invisible and no collision so I can’t tell if the cart is still there or has been destroyed. In the editor I managed to figure out that when the cart goes into stasis and then comes out, the capsule component drops through the ground and the cart gets destroyed, I got this fixed and so now when player goes off and comes back it is still there, but it didn’t fix the problem of them being gone when reloading game. And so now, I don’t know if they are getting destroyed or if they are still there on loading game. Are they not getting saved to game save, I dunno, I can’t figure out how to tell? Is there a way to look at the save game file or a log to see what structures are saved?

what is the parent class of your cart? perhaps is the parent class the culprit