Cars - ( GTA Car System )

[CENTER]3 cars “4x4 - sedan - sport”
ready for damages and breakable glass and able to first and third person for car driving with smoothing camera



you can control :
-Disable damages
-car lock
-select body color
-open/close doors


-3 cars collide with each others and environment.
-create random color in game starting “you can pick your color” by click on "select body color.
-create mark tires.
-Adjustable and detach doors,bumper and bonnet.
-Light system based on driving “brake-reverse-headlights”
-Fractured glass “headlights-doors-windscreen-doors”
-Camera system: 3 cameras
-1st camera : it’s free “mouse” camera with limit angle to get good look for a car and return to original position after 3 second with idle mouse.
-2nd camera : Inside Car.
-3rd camera :Front camera.
-Support first and third person to get inside/out vehicles with smoothing camera.
-Active 2 mirrors when camera inside in a car.
-create scratches

Hope you like it !!!

they have IA?

No, but I working on it maybe in the next package.

Very nice, is it possible for people to add their own meshes?

This looks great Leedo! do u have a release date in mind?

It’s rely on your mesh if you have the same bone and morph names maybe skin information to match detach part … it’s possible but need effort.

I’m already finished it but I’m working on documentation and some tutorial for help . I think next week.

def buy it whats the cost

I didn’t made a decision yet, but I will not exaggerate in the price.
for sure it’s not exceed 90$.

Submitted :slight_smile: