Caribbean ARK!

Hi, greetings from the tropical Caribbean!

I am playing ARK and am on level 97. Finally I finished the download of the ARK Dev Kit, and want to start following up a number of very cool ideas I had that would make ARK even nicer. But while I think i have some really good ideas, I am still lacking the expertise to work with the ADK, despite of watching all these learning videos on YouTube.

Thus I am using this forum here to invite one or two interested modders to join me for my first modding project, maybe even for some more later on.

In ARK, you get to see some really sophisticated bases, huge, many rooms, many machines. But … even the most sophisticated bases have rooms that are so poor in design. The walls look still basic, so do the floors and ceilings. I intend to change that with a wide range of carpets, tiles, bamboo mats, and other materials to cover walls and floors and ceilings. Basically, an easy mod but still difficult for me: ultra-flat squares and rectangles, just equipped with my textures (I am great with graphics). Nothing else.

Please contact me right away, if you want to join force with me. This way, you would help me a lot to understand and use the ADK.

Hi Hirnsausen and welcome to ark modding!
While I am sure many here agree that your idea is a very nice one it might be hard to find someone to work on your mod - most people get into ark modding with their own ideas.
That said, we can help you to get to the point to do these things on your own - in fact I think this should be not that hard to do - You need to learn how to create simple 3d models of the carpet, possibly adding fabric physics, texturing them and finally applying the structure settings in the ADK.
I recommend you join the modding discord and we’ll help you on your feet!


Yes, I would like to. Just watching dozens of tutorial videos on YouTube didn’t do the trick for me. :slight_smile:

Just … where to find that “Modding Discord” thread? here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the URL.