Cargo Venture

Hi everyone, I’d like to share the game I’ve been working on on and off(mostly off) over the past 3-4 years. Cargo venture is a game where you can create all kinds of different products and ship them to consumers around the world. You can buy properties and install manufacturing equipment in them to produce your products. You can hire employees and assign them to different production tasks and all employees have skills that will affect production speed. You can also make illegal items like illegal weapons, drugs, counterfeit cash, forged documents etc.

Features of the game are as follows:

  • **Properties **- You can buy and build buildings where you can make products, store products/materials/vehicles.
  • **Employees **- Hire tons of different employees, all with different skills that will aid in production. You can also hire mechanics to fix your vehicles so you dont have to micromanage.
  • **Vehicle Parts **- Maintain your fleet of vehicles and keep your vehicle parts in tip top shape, upgrade them and/or swap them out for different ones.
  • **Research **- Research different products and vehicle part upgrades to unlock them.
  • Fulfill Orders - The player can request and recieve orders from other companies, this can be products or materials.
  • Marketing - Create your own marketing campaigns and assign products to different brands that you create.
  • Deliver all over the world - Deliver your products to hundreds of places all over the world.
  • **Subsidiaries **- You can create subsidiary companies as well, so if you want to make all kinds of different things you can group them.

In Cargo Venture you can create as many or as little companies as you want. You can hire Managers to help handle different buildings and assign them tasks that they will carry out to keep your businesses running smoothly.

The UI hasn’t been implemented yet this is just wire-framing i did in Axure.

I hope to have the game out in the next 7 months to a year.

This is the storage screen for a warehouse. You can buy a building and name it whatever you want and do with it what you like. You can put equipment in it, vehicles, products, materials or just keep it as a backup storage area. The player can buy buildings in every city.

This is the vehicle parts page. This is where you can swap out different parts and maintain your parts.

This is the production screen, this is where you make your products.