Cardinal directions; how to define which blendspace per direction?

Hello community! I have walk to run animations that are set up in 4 different 2d blendspaces for directional locomotion:
Forward, Backward, Left, Right
(for gamepad/keyboard WASD, rotation is controlled by gamepad stick/mouse. So these directions are forward, backward, stafe left and right)

On the blendspaces vertical axis I have have walking to running pose, in my horizontal axis I have walk to run animation.

In my animation BP and Animgraph I want to be able to blend these smoothly and set transition rules. My problem is not setting a transition rule or blend parameters for one of them… What I can’t figure out is: how I get my transitions correct according to what direction my capsule is moving (+ in the most smooth, consistent and elegant way).
What I want to happen:
Capsule moves forward: Forward blendspace
Capsule moves backward: Backwards blendspace
Capsule strafes left: Left blendspace
Capsule strafes right: Right blendspace

What’s the best way to set this up neatly, what values could I calculate as floats to drive the blendspaces and what transition rules (if needed, might be other solutions and having all the directions in one state etc?) would create the most smooth blend results?

PS. I really want to learn more about animation, animation blueprints, graphs and technical animation design. I’m looking for an animation blueprint guru, so please let me know if you are one and want to share knowledge :). Very passionate and hungry to learn.

Thanks in advance!