Cardboard Invasion (RTS)

Hi guys,

We are building a real time strategy game with a few twists. Here is the concept:

Cardboard Invasion is a real time strategy game played in a realistic cardboard world. Everything is made out of real world objects - Pencils, Cardboard, Tape, Pins - things you might find in your room,your kitchen and even the garage. It’s a miniature world come alive and you are the commander in charge of sending out your units, invading foreign “countries” and in the end dominating the world!

We have been in development for a few months now and we are really starting to make some good progress.
Creating an RTS game in Unreal has it’s challenges compared to a FPS but it’s still viable and well worth it.

Check out our Steam Concept page here:

I like the style.
Good !

Cool concept!

Can I say that the contrast is a little extreme? Are you using a skylight? It looks like you are only using a direct light, you have no GI!

Totally agree, haven’t played too much with lighting but will soon!

Very interesting concept! I’m digging the art style. Looking forward to seeing more.

Howdy dreampunchboy,

Really fantastic work so far! The art style is really different then anything out currently. Keep up the great work and I am really excited to see how the game progresses along. Be sure to keep us updated.

Have a great day!

Thanks so much for the kind words, looking forward to posting more here.
On that note here is a quick peek at one of the weapon setups:

Nice concept!
You must include cardboard tank :smiley:
Looking forward to see more units!

You mean like this? :slight_smile:

Exactly :smiley:
I think the cannon should move to the front a little bit

Nice project there! The texturing work is done perfectly!

really like the design of this, can’t wait to see more!

I think the lighting is a bit off though, some others commented on it too. A wee bit brighter maybe? Those shadows are really strong too. I think it would look much better if you guys lit it like the tank presentation sheet.

We setup our cardboard railway using the UE4 spline tool, it’s really awesome.

Remember to check out our Steam Concept page:


We’ve spent a lot of time on Cardboard Invasion the last month. We’ve worked hard on the mechanics and in the end we wen’t for a more FPS / RTS hybrid approach.
We are also busy implementing Oculus Rift and a few other key features.


Here is a quick video of some action:

You can find more pics/vids/tweets @

Hi guys,

Check out our teaser gameplay trailer:

Really cool idea! Keep it up!