Card Game input in C++?

Simply put, my project doesn’t have a need for anything besides a table, some cards, and a non-movable top-down camera view. That being said, how would I set up player input in this scenario? What should receive it?
From what I can tell in C++, a player controller subclass still requires a separate pawn class in order to assign/bind and possess input, so where’s a good place to start if I don’t need more than a table full of cards? Is it really that necessary to place a bunch of empty blueprints (with C++ parents) into the scene?

I guess in reality, I’m looking for a way to bind a mouse click or keypress to a function, without the need of a pawn class (and possibly w/o a player controller?)…

I’ve looked at the card demos from the Learn tab in the Epic Launcher, but they didn’t come with any code. It was all Blueprints, whereas my project aims to be (nearly) all C++ code. Any links or suggestions are welcomed and much appreciated, thanks!

I think you are going to spend more time to break the UE4 system than just adapt to their style.
You can set the Default Pawn of your game mode to None, and bind inputs in the PlayerController. Note that you can bind inputs in C++ with the function :

void AMyPlayerController::SetupInputComponent()

 InputComponent->BindAction(FName("NameOfInput"), EInputEvent::IE_Released, this, &AMyPlayerController::ActionToDoAccordingToTheInput);


Hope it helps.

Didn’t know I could simply set the default pawn to “None”. This did the trick, thanks!