Caravel: Set Forth - first look at gameplay from our pre-alpha prototype

Hi everyone!

We are a team of 5 guys, and we wanted to share what we are working on, with the rest of the UE community.


Although we had announced the the development of the game with a teaser trailer a few months ago (in November of 2020), it didn’t reveal much about what kind of game it was.

We are now ready to show some basic gameplay footage of the pre-alpha/concept prototype.

This is a work in progress and not meant to represent final art.

Caravel: Set Forth is a crew management simulation game, set aboard an early XV century Portuguese caravel. You will have to, individually, keep the crew members alive, while you maneuver and operate the caravel, on a perilous mission for Prince Henry, the navigator.


](** Caravel: Set Forth **)