Car wheeled vehicle pawn

Hi, I made a car with a wheeled vehicle pawn. And I want to change car tires and discs. Like how I can set another mesh dynamically inside vehicle pawn?
I want to change vehicle disks and before the drive the car. Are there any solutions to change meshes for car tires and discs when I use vehicle pawn? I want to change vehicle disks and play and drive with new disks. If someone knows please write the solution how can I change wheels and drive. Thanks

Get a reference to the wheels/disks and then use a setmesh node.

Nope, it’s not working in the vehicle pawn blueprint. You got all car mesh or wheels/disks in the wheels blueprints…

My bad, I didn’t realize that vehicle blueprint used a skeleton mesh. You want to use a HideBone node, which should hide the skeletons wheels as well. Then add a static mesh component (the wheels) and attach it to the bone. Any time you want to change wheels, reference that static mesh component and use setmesh.

I just try to make line trace vehicle, thanks!