Car wheel rotation problem after import in Unreal

I have my animated car in 3dsmax and it’s working fine. I export it via datasmith. I import it in Unreal with datasmith(with animation checkbox turned on, obviously). Wheel are rotating wildly in all directions. I’ve tried rotating the car, resetting xforms, converting bezier float controller to linear float in 3dsmax, rotating the pivots, and NOTHING. The result is always the same. The car is moving correctly but the wheels are not. They start to rotate strangely especially when they start reach a certain velocity. I’m running out of ideas.

EDIT: I’ve noticed that when the animation plays normally the rotation goes crazy, but as I scrub through the timeline the wheel is rotating correctly. Could it be some kind of Unreal internal rotation error?

Bump. Tried to use quaternion interpolation and searched all over the internet but no solutions yet. Let me show you the screenshots.