Car wheel collision in wrong place while using vehicle movement

I am relatively new to UE and am trying to make a working car, I’ve been following a few YouTube tutorials but every time I try I end up with the same problem that the wheels don’t have any collision. When you use some console commands to see the collision you can see that there are black duplicates of the wheel collisions around the root bone of the rig that do seem to be simulated correctly, I’ve seen that I am far from the only person with this problem, but all the forum answers I’ve seen so far haven’t seemed to have worked so I would really appreciate some help as this has been driving me crazy (pun intended) for the last week. I suspect that improper transforms may be the problem but at this point it feels like I’ve tried everything

p.s. the car was made in blender and id have nothing against remaking it if that would lead to a solution.