Car Vizualisation

Hey there,

I working on a Car Vizualisation for my portfolio. So Tell me what you think :smiley:
Next i will work on some Envirnoment.

Whats missing:

  • Brakedisk and Brake
  • Material for Licenseplates
  • Proper Material for Mirrors
  • Envirnoment

Thanks for you critique :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany


Any chance of doing some of my prototype cars for me??? for a price of corse!!! :slight_smile:

I finally had time to come back to this Projekt :smiley:
I made Studio Lighting setup now. Lights are All dynamic and its a screenshot, so now extranal post and retouching.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


I added some interactivity, made a smooth camera control and tuned the Visuals a bit.
Tell me what you think ! :wink:

P.S. Just noticed that the colors are off since i uploaded it at Youtube. Red is more Orange -.-

Sehr, sehr geile Visualisierung! Toll!

Looks really astonishing :wink:

I think it looks awesome! Couldn’t have picked a better car!

Very good! As an option to improve you can turn off bloom effect in post process. And also might be good to add environment reflection HDRI.

@Hackmet: Danke
@TheFoyer: Thanks There is allready a HDRI in the Scene, but its a little pixalated because of the 512 restriction. When i have some more time to work on this i will change this in the Engine it Self to get a sharper HDRI.

Great work! I like the environment and lighting. The car looks so high poly :slight_smile: How heavy is the model? I’d add some door and light animation.

@m.orzelek: thanks, the car has 230k triangles and one Tyre with all parts has 150k tris. I really didnt watched the Polycount, it originally was a 30k Lowpoly Model wich i just detailed a bit.