Car Upgrade System?

I asked this in the forums but nobody got back to me there, i may have posted in the wrong area or just nobody had an answer for me so i am going to try my luck here.

So the kind of upgrade system i am after is visual upgrades, like in my case i want to be able to add things like mesh fences, spikes all sorts of things like that to vehicles but im not quite sure how it would be done.

Now i know there would be some sort of scripting involved with checking if the player has tried to apply said upgrade to the vehicle via a UI button of some sort but i dont know how i would actually go about applying it to the vehicle.

Would it be as simple as making the vehicle a BP class and then adding a static mesh component to it once the player has pressed the button to add it to the vehicle.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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A car vehicle upgrade system.
In this case a visual mesh changer that you can make do the funny with buttons on a widget that takes over what would be a “upgrade screen”?

Or do you want something more “live” that you can pick up from the world as you drive??

These upgrades; do they only upgrade the look of the main mesh, or do they change variables in your vehicle?