Car Tire, Any ideas on best way to make collision in Unreal?

What would be the best way to make collision in Unreal Engine to get best performance but also get most accurate collision. Creating a simple collision the tire does not roll smooth.
A sphere the tire rolls smooth but sticks out the side. “Auto Convex Collision” works good but is there a performance hit? Can you think of a better solution?

Ok, I did some testing, so if anyone else runs into this here is what the results are. In the Unreal Engine the only way I could find to make this work was using the Auto Convex Collision. Turn both slider Hull and Accuracy to max would cause about 30 FPS drop with 100 tires on screen for about 10 seconds and then the FPS would rebound. Changing the HULL Verts to max and the Accuracy to .75 made perfect collision around the tire with almost no drop in FPS compared to simple collision.