Car Steering Issue: Hub and Caliper


So now I’m learning how to setup a complete vehicle using blueprint.
Everything is fine so far apart from the caliper not rotate exactly as I expected. I use Bone Driven Controller to handle Caliper’s rotation follow the dics’s rotation:

But it’s so weird and I have no idea how the caliper is flipped when the car moving.

Do you have any experience with this issue before please advise?

did you get a solution for this? I am also having the same problem also tried it with steering… everything is fine unless i move forward or backward.

I’m looking for a solution to this as well, and I’ll try and respond to this thread if I find one…

you could just add an additional bone on the outside of the wheels and then just use “look at” and “copy bone” skeletal controllers to get it all moving correctly, that’s what I did a while ago to get my hub and callipers working.

jump to 1:26 to see it moving as it should.