Car speed limit.

Hello everyone.

I want a car speed of 150 kilometers per hour, not more.(Car speed limit.)

4166.66666 Units Per Second



How do I use the numbers in BluePrint?
Explain more.
Thank you.

I have’t played around with the vehicle template much but if you open your Vehicle Blueprint and go to its movement component you should find a Max Movement Speed somewhere in the details panel

That doesnt apply to vehicles. They need to play with engine and transmission settings until they find the right values.

That is actually really cool, I didn’t know that. I will have to play around for sure. OP disregard what I said but keep that conversion formula in your mind

Where is the speed limit?
I can not find.:frowning:

Please help.

There is no speed limit as has been mentioned above. You need to tweak multiple components of the engine to make it reach that speed, the cars are based in reality so you can’t just magically make them go 500km an hour without having an engine capable of reaching that.

My problem is not solved. Please help.:confused:

Because you haven’t listened to the advise. You will need to learn a bit about engines to understand how they work in UE4. Tweak the max RPM and the torque curves etc and watch what happens

Assuming that the RPM is a set multiplier of the speed, you can just set the max RPM. If the RPM fluctuates depending on slope, etc… then this is not your solution.

I do it by tuning the final ratio in the transmission setup. I presume it is akin to the diff ratio in a real vehicle. High number = slower top speed but more torque. I tuned my tanks by adjusting this then putting a print string on the end of vehicle speed to see where it was at.

Hope this helps!