Car rigging for cinematic purposes only


I’m planning to rig this car

I’ve searched about rigging tutorial but most of them were made specifically just for Maya or just for UE4.

The thing is i’m going to rig it only just for cinematic purposes. So anykind of animation will be worked in Maya, thus UE doesn’t need to do anything with the animation control of the car.

I’ve read some informations that i need to rig the car with bones (100% skinning, so i can’t use anykind of object parenting-etc). But i’ve read one that says that i shouldn’t even rig it in Maya and let UE rig it for me.

Do you have any suggestions on how to rig this car for UE? Probably a tutorial or another thread discussing this? The rig might be a bit complicated due to the suspension design.

Also, i hate to say this but i’m a complete newbie in rigging in Maya (previously i was 3ds max guy).


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Apparently it’s kinda easy to get the rig system working (decently… absolutely not precise in anything, but it does work). I was able to control the steering individually or both, control the toe in/out/ackermann. Also the chamber for each tyres. The suspension is far from perfect but does sway following the tyres.
Kinda easy because i literally only used parent and aim-constraint method, just that 2.

I haven’t tried importing it to UE, but i’m 99% sure it doesn’t gonna end well if i import it straight it to unreal, animated or not.

Do i really have to change all these parented objects to bone+skinned objects? Or is there any workaround?