Car Rendering

A quick scene I made after seeing the new NFS 2015 E3 trailer. More than 80% of the environment modelling is done using just basic shapes, so the lighting build only takes a few seconds.
It’s my first try at making a complete night city scene, hope you like it!

All comments and critiques are welcome!

The scene looks cool, but I think the car paint looks a little on the flat side. You should check this tutorial series out for some great car paint material stuff. Café Races: Car Paint Materials
Also would be nice to see actual screenshots of it, because youtube video compression doesn’t make for the best images. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input, I will defidently check out the tutorial:) I did take an actual screenshot of it, it’s in the description.

cool :):D:)

You should check out Material Instances as they are much faster for tweaking once setup. Here is a link to where you can read more about them.

Thanks for the suggestion, I already use material instances though:)

LOL… I actually sent it after I saw you compile the emissive Material a bunch of times…Before I sent it I was thinking I wonder if they know about this or if they are just powering through the compile times ;)…

Haha, I don’t use material instances for simple materials like that, I just duplicate it and rename it:D