Car Glass Black Cutout Issue

Hey im having this black cutout issue when the glasses are facing eachother … im using Automotive Material Pack for the windshield. and i don’t know how to fix it … both glasses use same texture… and they are one sided mesh


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change both inside glass and out side glass to 2 sided material . then it will work .

Have you played with different translucency settings in material and project settings?

no …all setting and materials are on default settings…im new to unreal …i saw the Automotive pack tutorial on YT to achieve this render…im still learning UR4… this issue is making the car look bad

wow thats crazy whats the UV mesh look like for the window on the car ? might be the uvs that isnt unwrapped propperly on the glass as why its doing that and prob not distributed propperly on that glass shell . thats my guess why it isnt working . is it an fbx file is of the car itself i could have a look for you if you want me to :slight_smile:

sure… its still in early stage
here it is

The UVs are a mess on every channel this is why you cant add anything to the mesh on the glass as it isnt unwrapped propperly in Maya !..

Which version of Maya are you useing i guess it is the LT Student version of maya as my commercial version will not reconize the file but ue4 can pick this up straight away.

re do you UV maps on every channel - and unwrap them proppperly in maya you will get a better result .

Also scale the car up its really tiny its like a hot wheels car scale size this isnt real world scale.

This is what it suppose to look like.

in the material set the Blend mode to Translucent. and 2 Sided. And also set the lighting mode to Surface Translucency Volume. this will work once you have set up the material correctly.

I’ve tried all these proposed solutions but none of them work. Anybody figure this out?

go do this tutorial and then let me no if you figured it out

i just posted and i figured it out its your material on how you set it up u have not chose 2sided setting on the material itself. this is why your glass isnt working look up arch vis glass he will show you how to setup a propper glass window material its on youtube. takes 5mins to do same code as in the pucture above on what i showed you .