Car Game Project


I will show my first game, this project development, and soon new features and track detailed. I think share with you!

Comments and feedback! Thank you!

the embed doesn’t work for me but looking good!

Sorry, I fix it. :slight_smile:

New features:
-emissive lights
-snow on ground

I have a question, why flashes a spot light in the front light, until move the car?

Nice, but why is it jittering so much?

Thank you!
I don’t know :frowning: Idea?

new features
-orange barrels

I think it could be the standard jitter, when phys objects are overlapping.
Check for clean collision, do not use complex as simple, create one, if not done.
Try out the different move options, transform location and other.
I had similar jitter, i had to check velocity and other stuff and smoothed them out.
To hard to explain with my limited english.
System calculates in steps/tick the collision, and correct the position, when overlap.
Put one physic actor onto one moving phys actor and you see what i am talking about.
Tell the system when the force/velo/influence is so minimal (clamp), that system should stop calculating <=.
I can understand what is happening and fixing on my own, in most personal cases, but i am amateur and i bet here are more pros around for your problem.

Kind regards

Thank you! I try fix it coming soon!

I work on the track system and track assets. I have a question, I try make a equal length spline point, but blueprint is not working. Idea? Possible or not?