Car flies away

I am trying to make a simple car and followed some youtube tutorials. The car spawns ok and falls to the ground, and as soon as the wheels touch the ground the car flies off in a random direction, spinning wildly.

Any idea what is wrong here?

Which tutorials are you following?

If it’s the hover component vehicles then your forces may be way too high,

not much we can help with, without more knowledge of your code

I followed this step by step:

When that didn’t work I started on this:

I have a car model, with 4 wheels. One root bone, and 4 bones, one to each wheel. The vertices are correctly assigned to the bones as in the first tutorial.

One thing I noticed is that if I don’t set the wheel to kinematic in the physics asset tool, but hit Simulate, the body falls down and squashes the wheels, which roll off sioeways, detached from the car. If I then set the wheels to kinematic and hit Simulate, they go totally crazy, orbiting the car like a swarm of angry bees. Does this indicate a problem with the parenting or something already wrong during the importing?

Is it a delorian?

No. It is a cube with wheels. A delorian has a slightly higher polycount.

This is when you Simulate when viewing the Skeletal Mesh, right? If so, this isn’t entirely accurate for simulating how the mesh will behave once you have an animation blueprint applied to it, and play in the editor (at least, in my experience). However! Check what the collision looks like on your base bone. If you’ve let Unreal create the skeleton on import, it’ll just sort of guess what the collision should be on the base bone, and this can cause some issues when interacting with other meshes/landscape when playing.

I crash coursed my way though making vehicles, and asked a lot of questions - but I have to agree, we need a little more information to help. Vehicles flying into oblivion is sort of ‘a thing’ without a bit of work, anyway. I can’t speak to those tutorials, but if you follow the official Epic one you should be on the right path. It’s not Zak Parrish doing the videos, but they’re good. :slight_smile: