Car body bounces too much (how to improve)?

Hi, we are trying to move a Unity game to Unreal but we’re having some issues with stabilizing rigidbody of a raycast based cars. When the car hit some static object it just bounces too much and some times makes a flip. We asked in the forums here but we didn’t get any feedback yet.

What we have done so far to improve the stability is:

  1. Bounce threshold velocity is lowered from 100 to 10 in physics settings
  2. Substeping is also enabled in physics and car component
  3. A physics material has been added to the car body where the Restitution is set to 0 and combined mode is set to Min for it and for the friction as well
  4. Car weight is 1500kg
  5. Iertia tensor is scaled to 1.2 for all axes
  6. The center of mass is lowered a little below the car body center

Car still bounces a lot even when set to 5000kg !

Here is a video of the vehicle jumping from time to time: video
If someone can help with this will be so awesome ! Thanks !

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Have you tried to change Damping parameter in car blueprint / physicsasset?

Yes, they are currently set to 0.05 but larger values lower the responsiveness…

its located here Project Settings->Physics->Simulation, then edit the values mentioned