car ai package??

My future project is car game, I have already planned and started to make tracks and car I maybe bought in marketplace. I know that Peter Newton is making someday maybe Car AI package, but waiting is maybe long. Is anyone else considered about that kind of package? I would purchase it would help lot of about making car game if there is AI and more car and mine. I can make game very is checkpoints and you can drive laps and time, but no opponents

Definitely yes. most of us would like to have some kind of a template for Ai cars in unreal engine. the human Ai is better defined at least, so far. but the car? everything is in gray. nothing meaning full out there. Peter Newton is doing a great job in giving us some hope, but for starters it is still very hard to modify the template. so if someone like you and Peter Newton can get us something on the market place, some of as will be saved at least. and i will be the first to buy the package,

I am making own tracks. I have 4 tracks made and main menu is on progress. I also would purchase car damage package, because there is tree car with damage to use in car game. And I would also pay 60-150€ if there was good Car AI package that it would be easy to made car game where is for example 5-6 opponents and that they would drive good and every opponents has different skills and that they would drive in track. It would be very good package

Hope that when CAR ai package is someday maybe coming, I know that couple guys at least are making AI system to car game, I would consider also more car package, which include cars. Leedo’s car package is pretty good, but maybe more

For AI driving I am using spline. You need to make AI to follow dynamic location that is following that spline. Push the follow location 1000-1500 (depending speed) forward when car comes close enough. Make AI have input towards the follow location, the smaller angle there is (between car world yaw rotation and look at yaw between car and spline location) to turn the less input. And to make AI make 180 turn, you can check when the absolute angle is bigger than 45 degrees then just make the input values to be inverted so the car moves back and turn opposite direction. Over that I have stuck checks and obstacle avoiding checks. Result is quite chaotic but getting better slowly.

When spline end you can check nearby spline starts or even store variable in to spline actor with variable than have the next spline(s) to choose.

For racing game probably you just add rigth vector offset so you can make cars pass each other even they all follow the same spline path.

Yes I am learning this Car AI think among my other projects, maybe do myself or if before summer is coming some good working package would buy, let see what is coming in future

I think our node pathing could be of use in this scenario. It is very easy to use and set up. You could specify different regions as checkpoints and even include shortcut paths depending on the way gameplay works. I havent worked on any car controllers but im sure it wouldnt be to hard to control the movement of the veichles to produce minute subtleties in turns and such.

And I would also be interested about car package which contain different cars and animations. Leedo’s car damage is good and there is 3 good cars, but my dream package would be contain 3-5 sports car, like ferrari,corvette etc, but not with trademarks that can use in game
Also maybe use some Enviroments asset in marketplace, lie Urbancity town to one track, but quality car package I am also interested.

I need car AI to my car/racing game. I have studied in 2d car game that how AI is basically working.But I need help that how to drive against good AI opponents. I need also help to make main menu where to choose which car you drive, which colour and also that how to make 2 different modes. One where you drive single race or career mode where you race all 5 tracks which I have made and player get points about every race and in the end of game total results. Like almost hole racing package which to modify.
I have tracks ready and cars ready