Capturing hit event on an object inside a blueprint class(character)


I have a character class, which is a humanoid in terms of its shape.

What I wanna do is register the characters punches when they hit another actor. So I added a couple of Collision Spheres and attached it to corresponding sockets on the characters fist. But whatever I don’t get any response when the character’s fists hit the desired actor. And when I debug the game, none of the Hit events get called at all.

You can see the blueprint in first photo, the components of the character in the second, and image of the sphere collision hitting the other actor(the other actor moves the hit occures). Thanks =)


As it turns out, generate hit event was turned off. I thought that only having collision set to enabled was enough.

I discovered myself that the best way to handle the collision is on the actor that’s being hit rather than on the character. So having the collision spheres attached to the fists is fine, but instead of running the hit even from those spheres, run the hit event on the “punching bag” and then have it do something when it gets hit. That way you can have something different happen for each type of object you hit. It’s less limiting that way.