Capturing gameplay with maitnee

Hey folks,

I’m trying to get some gameplay recorded using matinee, but when the window is created it’s not responding to any user input (and it doesn’t look like the game is ticking either):

2016-01-18 19_22_57-New notification.jpg

I’ve got a matinee actor set up with ‘play on level load’ enabled:

2016-01-18 19_31_25-Kuben - Unreal Editor.png

And I’ve got a director track without any keyframes set up in matinee:

2016-01-18 19_35_23-Start.png

To record the footage I’m just click on the ‘Movie’ button in the top left then ‘capture movie’. It doesn’t seem to be saving anything anywhere either (at least I haven’t been able to find any video files anywhere on my PC when I select ‘stop recording’).

Thanks for your help!

Hello Orangeatang
Well you could do that by just creating a matinee and click on movie option, there you will have some options, you can choose the resolution of your movie and other informations, also you can uncheck the options to hide player, disable movement, etc if you want to play with your character, then simply press ok and it will open a window where you are recording your gameplay, play around a bit and close that. Your movie will stay on folder: “project_name/saved/videocaptures”

Hope it helps.

Hey iorek01,

I get up to that point (the first screenshot in the post)… but the game doesn’t respond to any input. Also you can see the 00:00 above the player - that suggests that the actor has spawned but the game mode hasn’t actually started yet (the timer should be at around 10 seconds), so it doesn’t look like the game loop is actually running.

Lets see if those images help





As you can see i did not set anything to play on level load, i just set my movie thing inside matinee, i did not create camera, nothing.

Hi iorek01,

No luck unfortunately. I tried replicating your setup (I created a new Actor in my level and didn’t add a director track)… but my game loop just isn’t ticking; none of my animations are playing, it’s like a still frame from the very beginning of the game.

I’m must be running on a different editor version (4.10) since all of my options let me enable things instead of disable them (for cinematic mode):

2016-01-19 07_51_18-Start.png

I wonder if I’m missing something in the setup of my level (I have player start points etc).

I also tried to capture a movie from (a slightly modified) third person game example and I’m getting the same behaviour:

2016-01-18 19_22_57-New notification.png

Seems your version is different of mine, but from what i can see in your image, try to check the options: “Allow movement, allow turning, show player” so i think you should be able to control your player.

Found the issue…

So the output folder was set to the default (project/saved/video_captures/) directory, which doesn’t exist in my project for some reason.

I set the output folder to a directory that already exists on my PC, and everything started working.