Capturing gameplay with maitnee 1920x1080p 60FPS and SSD

I want to register my gameplay with matinee 1920x1080p and not Camtasia or external software. I would use sequence of png or jpg, 30 or 60 FPS but the resolution is too high and popup window is very slow. With 640x480 resolution recording is fluid.
I have a GTX 980 Ti but I think the slowness is due to the hard drive (Seagate 500 MB 7200) where the individual images are written.

My question is:
With an SSD write 490/540 MB sec I can have a smoother resolution from the preview “Capturing Video” window ?

Matinee is not dependent on the speed of your computer, it will take the amount of time needed to achieve the framerate that you set when you want to record, so while it may be going slowly, it’s getting 30fps or whatever you set it to. If you want to record live gameplay outside of the Matinee tool you will have to have a powerful enough computer.

I’m a bit confused!:rolleyes:
Why disabling “Auto Start Capture” the window “Movie Render-Preview” is fluid and when enabled stutters?

Just play it and record using Nvidia Shadowplay. That’s what I do and it works out just fine.

I know and I use it but I wanted to understand the potential of matinee for recording gameplay.
For now, I continue to use Shadowplay.

Matinee is really just for recording cinematics, not gameplay.