Capturing character animation to png without the background


Currently I am trying to capture an animated character in a video using the sequencer. But it is recording with everything that is present in the background. I want to capture only the character that I added to the sequencer with transparent background. Does anyone know how to achieve it inside the sequencer?


don’t think that’s possible out of box
you’d have to render an alpha pass separately

you can use the custom ID as a separate pass, you’ll have to google info for it though

Thanks! Will check it out.

I have never used sequencer so can’t be sure about this. But in my game I attach a SceneCaptureComponent2D to a blueprint. Then I can place it in the level and use code to add to a list of actors that it should capture. This allows me to get an image of just the objects that I want regardless or whatever else might be in the scene.

Perhaps something like that would work for you too.