"Capture Thumbnail" is Gone at different BPs

Hi there… following Struggle…

In Order to optimise BP selection in the Content Browser, i want to give my Triggers some Custom Thumbnails.

Therefore, i change Viewport to Front, Place the BP in the View Center, rightclick the BP Asst in the Content Browser and Select “Capture Thumbnail” in the Asset Actions.

This worked well… until one of my Assets hasn´t the Option to Capture/Clear the Thumbnail… the Option is simply not there…

Any idea?
The two Blueprints are:
TriggerBox as Base BP Class

Did you ever figure out why? same issue here

Try to enable a plugin Asset Manager Editor :wink:

Same for me, impossible to find the cause; It works on some characters but not others, same for actors. I have one that works, but not its duplicate, so I made a fresh actor and a duplicate and it works for both…I’ve checked also if there is a parameter in class default or class settings but couldn’t find something.

I was happy when I saw your tip, until I realize the plugin is already enabled :frowning:

Same issue here at 4.24

Ok I figured that out…

The “Capture Thumbnail” button is disabled when “Actor hidden in game” option is active

We have several actors that have representation in the editor but are supposed to be hidden in game, it would still be nice for them to have thumbnails though!

Found a workaround - if “hidden in game” flag is set on each component individually (as opposed to setting it for the whole actor) the thumbnails still work!