Capture spectator view

I’m actually using the new 4.17 spectator view system. I want to capture this view during runtime. I’ve got for now a RenderCameraComponent2D placed in the scene and want to be able to capture a sequence (using blueprints) from the pawn.
Is there a built-in function for that ? Or a plugin ? Or only the fraps-or-so solution ?

Thanks a lot !

Try the sequence recorder

It might help you

Thanks for your answer. However I’ve tried to use sequencerecorder, but I haven’t managed to record a view of the camera by now - only the movement of the camera in the scene, which is not exactly what I want.

You can first capture your movement using the sequence recorder and then add the animation into your scene. After that I used a matinee to capture it in video.

Yes but that’s not what I want - and more, that’s what I don’t want. I want to be able to capture directly from the game what I see, as some movements or spawns are randomly generated. Capturing the cameras movement and capturing what it sees as a second step won’t give me the same result.

Alright by using Rama’s Victory plugin I’m able to save images on the disk.
Opening a gate during tick allows me to save per-tick frames (saved as jpg, RGBA8 to save memory) without too much fps drop. I can then use these as sequence.

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