Capture Quality

I’m new to Unreal and making great strides. I’m using it to make a short video using DAZ and iClone characters. All good so far.

However when rendering the output is, well, disappointing.

Photo 1 is a section of one of the PNGs in my image sequence. it’s 1920x1080 so really should look better than this. The issue seems to happen when characters move.
Photo 2 & 5 is what this looked like on my screen, so pretty poor there as well. When it’s rendering in the separate process I can see it’s garbage.

Camera and capture settings also provided.

Am I viewing in some sort of reduced quality but then rendering in that as well?

How can I render in better quality than this, as it’s unusable?

Thanks in advance…

Thanks for your replies. I’ve now had a good play…

I have copied the scene and stripped it out. I now only have a point light and the character in the scene (see image).

I have a level sequence that I can scroll through and my character moves accordingly.

Now here is the crux of the problem…

Moving the slider backwards and forwards makes the character move, but any given frame takes a second to “sharpen”. So scrolling through it’s pretty crappy, but pausing on any frame and after a second it’s fine.

What I need is the render to wait until the frame has stabilised before output, rather than blasting through and rendering frames before they have sharpened. Is there a setting for this somewhere?