Capture of camera doesn't work in Windows packaging build

I have First person controller and record movie (.avi file) from his camera. For this I use class UMovieSceneCapture, in particular method UMovieSceneCapture::StartCapture(). In UE Editor it works fine and I get movie, but my packaged build for Win-64 has crash after launch of method UMovieSceneCapture::StartCapture().
Please, does anyone have idea why does my packaged build have crash?
May be are there another means for recording movie from game camera?

Hi,Maxim.Can you attach the logs?From the build folder.

Hi, Maksym. Here there is logs file from packaged build:link text

Hi,Maxim i saw the log and its crashing due the nullptr, and accessing it.The problem what i think is that somewhere you are using the UObject and you are not using the UPROPERTY() macro,and its not crashing in Editor cause the garbage collector will not grab all not needed references.Check your UObjects that you are using and check that they are not deleted when they get out of scope of the function.

Hi, Maksym. Thank you very much for your reply. I was researching this issue and found that UMovieSceneCapture::StartCapture() doesn’t wortk because AVIWriter (for creating .avi file) creates only when WITH_UNREAL_DEVELOPER_TOOLS macros is TRUE. And for packaged build it is FALSE.

Oki,good to know,please close the topic and Karma )))