Capture Matinee from Camera

Hey, i played a bit with substance designer and now i want to render out a video with unreal. i started to set up a matinee with a camera and a basic movement track. I also set the martinee sequence to play on start in the level blueprint. But if i klick on “movie” in the matinee tab to render out my sequence, there is not what i want to see. I figured out, that when the matinee tab i open, my camera is on point, but if its closed the position changed…
It is important for me, that i can capture this exactly from frame 1 to frame x, like in the matinee, because later i wanna loop this.
Here some pictures, how i setup everything. It would be nice, if you could help me with this problem.


Select the Director Track > hit Enter > then select your camera as active camera. Now it will play the sequence through the camera’s view. If you have more than one cameras you want to switch between you can do the same at whichever keyframe you like and select the other camera.

thank you very much! thats it! I am not very comfortable unfortunately with matinee right now… i have one other question as well :stuck_out_tongue: is there a way to switch off the fade at the beginning? and is it possible to set a time for the recording? i want to loop something and if i could set a time to end the recording, it would be much easier for me.

You can do this in the level BP to stop recording the moment Matinee finishes:


I dont know what you mean by the fade at the beginning though. Matinee doesnt add fade in/out effects by default.

thanks again! thats perfect!
i dont know whats going on, but for me there is a fade in… here the video: - YouTube

probably you know what it is.

thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, that looks like auto exposure. Place a post process volume into the level if you dont have one and set it to Unbound in Details panel. Go to it’s Settings > Auto Exposure and set Min. and Max. Brightness value to 1(both must be the same.)

thats it! thanks man! now im fine :slight_smile: