Capture Excluded Frame - MetaHuman Performance

I’m currently working with Unreal Engin 5.4 and running into the problem that my recordings for the MetaHuman Animator show up with these (seemingly randomly placed) “Capture Excluded Frames” when opening them in Performance.
When I try to process the clip the processing will stop as soon as it reaches one of them and won’t continue with the rest of the recording.

My current work-around is to close the Performance Window, open it back up, select the next unprocessed part, process it and repeating these steps until I have all the frames done.

Is anyone else running into this problem? Does anyone know if you can delete these “Capture Excluded Frames” that are placed automatically?

Thanks in advance!


I did notice the option of “Processing Excluded Frames” but it seems to be locked/grayed out.

Yes, I’m running into this exact issue. It instantly crashes as soon it processes one of these “Capture Excluded” Frames. This hasn’t happened in previous versions of UE 5 or 5.3

I wonder if this will ever be fixed.

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