Capture every frame as image

Hi all,

I’m dealing with a scene where you can walk around and I’m trying to capture every frame while walking and save it as a screenshot (60-100 fps are needed). Unfortunately just taking screenshots or creating a render target from 2dscenecapture results in a really bad performance and only around 10-12fps are possible. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe multithreading (I’m totally new to this)?

The screenshots should also have a high resolution.

Thanks for your help!

pause>eject>move to desired angle> frame skip

Thanks for your fast reply! That disables my first person movement and skips frames, right? I need a smooth, ongoing performance of the game and simultaneously every frame saved as an image.

dont use eject if u want the same camera angle.
And if the frame skip is skipping a lot of frames than use time dilation or slomo 0.x or fixed frame rate…
Best Of luck :slight_smile:

Thank you, I solved it by creating a 2DSceneCapture and saving every image in an array to keep the performance at a high level. After finishing the game I’m starting to save the images of the array onto the disk. This works fine, because it"s always a short sequence of walking and the fps rate is high enough!

I also want to save all the frames without reducing fps, can you please share blueprint or some tutorial on how you did this.


How did you do this? I can’t save a texture to an array, because when I try to load and save an entire batch of them I constantly get the same picture (the newest view) over and over again.

Please respond. Thank you.

EDIT: Lol, after I posted I’ve just found a tool that allows doing what you meant earlier. Phrase “Save an image to array” was helpful in google somehow.

Here is a link for that magical stuff. I’ll try to use it and give an update later.

After enabling the plugin in option I can’t see functions of that plugin. Luckily there is an alternative on the marketplace under the same tag. Paid option however.

Yup. I used the paid option and it works. It’s called Real Time Import/Export and it works pretty ■■■■ well. I recommend using it :slight_smile: