CapsuleComponent shape never works correctly

Hello everyone,

I would like to report something that is giving me trouble since first day i started using Unreal but never took time to report it.
As you can see from this picture most of times when i try to adjust size and shape of CapsuleComponent

system does not update changes inside blueprint (i have realitime to ON both inside my blueprint and in editor) and after a while it does not change shape and size no matter what numbers i input on fields.Other times it simply does not accept my values and reverts to last one!For example if it has 80 on both fields no matter what i input there it always reverts to 80.

It is a very irritating little bug since it makes nearly impossible to fine tune your collision,and if it stays on one size and shape it stays there forever.

I’m sure I’m missing something subtle here, but screenshot shows something that looks exactly like I would expect half height 90 and radius 90 to look like.

It has to with size.Please note how smaller sphere is inside blueprint in regard to one in editor.

Hey ,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this issue and have entered a bug report for developers (UE-6060). I only saw it happen with Capsule Half Height value (not Radius), but if it happens for both for you I would suspect it’s same underlying cause. I was able to get correct value if I entered it a second time; if I wanted it to be 90, 90 and it reverted to 96, 90, entering 90 again would set it correctly. It sounds like you might have had more difficulty than that, is that correct? If so, I’ll add a note to bug saying so.